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Welcome to Global Telecom 0844 – a website dedicated to the promotion of the new 0844 number range. These 0844 numbers have only recently been authorised for use by Oftel, and are said to be the next thing to take the telecommunications market by storm, providing a great alternative to 0870 National Rate numbers, 0844 numbers are replacing them.

Lost and unanswered calls cost UK companies thousands of pounds in lost revenue every year. Now you can organize your inbound telephony in one place, it's easy to use and simple to set up. Our powerful 0844 numbers is the essential business tool for today's UK companies, sole traders, home workers, doctors surgeries and charities and marketing departments, they are all using them.

With the recent Ofcom changes 0870 national rate numbers are fasing out and 0844 numbers are starting to replace them. Whether you are a small or large business, a 0844 memorable phone number is a must, and what better way to advertise your company than with an 0844 number. Order your 0844 number now. They are simple to set up, will increase your customer base and you even have the possibility of earning great rebates.

They are all free to connect and you could have yours within hours.